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November 15, 2008


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August 16, 2009

anyone know how old this tree was?

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The silver maple in the middle of Vermont Square Park has been cut down. I keep meaning to  sit down and count the rings to see how old it is. The park was made by knocking down several blocks of houses. I think this tree was about 100 years old, which means it was there before the park.

August 15, 2009

Still here.

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I let this blog go untended for quite a while. But suddenly there seemed to be some tree news. The big old silver maple in the centre of Vermont Square park was taken down. Suddenly there is a large open space. The rain this summer does not come lightly–no, no. We get huge rain, rivers of rain, giant lakes of water, like someone just turned on the tap. Along with the sheets of rain, we have had spectacular thunder and lightning. And branches down here and there.

So I have been taking photos of our trees. I hope to find examples of all the trees the city offers to plant so people can get an idea of what things really look like, and how they fit into our streets.

November 23, 2008

Freeman Maple rocks

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I should admit right away that I like the big tall trees that lean over the road and shade the house and the sidewalk. I don’t like those lollipop trees that look like something an architect puts in front of models. So if I am doing the research on trees, you’re going to hear about the big ones first. And I think maybe we have a winner.

Many of our older trees are silver maples. They are huge. And old. And dying. The silver maples are disappearing very quickly right now from our forest. They have done their job, and it is time to
let youth take over.

So we have (drum roll please) the best thing to replace them–the FREEMAN MAPLE, ‘autumn blaze’ variety. It is on the pamphlet over on the right.

The Freeman maple is a hybrid of two great trees–the red maple and the silver maple. The best of both trees in a Freeman. This maple grows fast, is strong, and turns a terrific orange red in the fall. What more
could you want? Well, it does one other thing. The Freeman maple has outdone itself by being seedless. No maple helicopters all over the yard. No seedlings stuck in the hedge. Not only that, it has a great track record in cities. Unlike the sugar maple which has a tough time with pollution, this tree seems to ignore the problems. I saw the City planting them into those concrete bonsai boxes on Bloor and the City
forester said they will do very well there.

So if a Freeman maple can grow with style in a tiny box, next to salt and traffic, just think what it could do in a front yard where someone might water it. It has the vigor and adaptability of the silver maple along with the beauty and strength of the red maple.

Freeman Maple can grow 3-4 ft a year, and can reach a height of 50 ft.

from forester Linda

November 20, 2008

LEAF has moved into the Wychwood Yards

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_mg_5375LEAF is one of those great organizations that actually gets things done. They have moved headquarters just up the hill from us, into the Wychwood Yards. There was a neat interview done on Torontoist today.

November 15, 2008

Here we come!

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svra-map-coloured-cropped2This map shows who has taken on which street to canvass. Today is wet and dark, and not the best weather to inspire us, but we are intrepid foresters. I have just finished posters, and an explanatory brochure which you can drop off with the City of Toronto tree planting list. Once I have those files down to email size, and once I have everyone’s email, I will send them off.

A word about this blog–I am feeling my way along in the dark. I have never done this before, but I think it can work for us. You will all receive username and password to the blog so you can contribute photos or post information. Meanwhile, anyone can comment, and I hope it will be a good way for us to exchange information.

As well, there is an email for this project, which you will all be able to access.

I hope to put up lots of information on the suggested city trees so when faced with choices, you can be informed. Onwards.

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